Podcast S2 EP17 Culturalization

S2 EP17: Culturalization

In today’s episode, we delve into the fascinating realm of culturalization in video games. Join us as we uncover the importance of bridging cultures through gaming and creating meaningful experiences for diverse audiences worldwide!

Podcast S2 EP14 Olga Petrova

S2 EP14: Ft. Olga Petrova

What if we told you that localization is the Cinderella of the games ball? Discover why in this episode of Open World featuring Olga Petrova!

Podcast S2 EP13 Accessibility in Video Games

S2 EP13 – Accessibility in Video Games

Join our hosts as they explore the world of accessibility in gaming, where inclusivity meets innovation. Let’s discuss the game-changing features that empower players with disabilities, from remappable keys for enhanced mobility to color-blind options and adaptive controllers!


S2 EP6 – Ft. María Eugenia Larreina

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the present and future of video game accessibility as well as some best practices for addressing challenges and making digital content accessible to users with disabilities.

Belén Agulló

S1 EP 6 – Ft. Belén Agulló

Ever thought about how you’d go about making virtual reality accessible? Where would you put the subtitles? What about audiovisual components? Belén Agulló García, this week’s guest, shares her experience working on the Immersive Accessibility Project (ImAc) in Europe as part of her PhD, aimed at bringing accessibility to virtual environments and multimedia. As VP of the new eLearning platform launched by Nimdzi Insights, she also gives us an inside look at this new avenue for localization and translation industry knowledge and information.