Sebastian Erasmy

S1 EP15 – Ft. Sebastian Erasmy

The localization specialist is the last bastion of defense between a game and the players. Get the inside scoop from Sebastian Erasmy on what it’s like working in game localization at Ubisoft.

Ulises Uno

S1 EP 9 – Ft. Ulises Uno

Localizing a video game is no small task, and it requires you to compromise, prioritize, maintain a clear direction, and collaborate with the myriad of disciplines involved in creating a game, says this week’s guest, Ulises Uno, Content and Localization Manager at etermax. In this episode of Open World, get the inside scoop on Etermax and the expansion of their mobile trivia games to Latin American markets from Ulises, along with some great industry tips and the concept behind his “meme museum”.