Podcast S2 EP17 Culturalization

S2 EP17: Culturalization

In today’s episode, we delve into the fascinating realm of culturalization in video games. Join us as we uncover the importance of bridging cultures through gaming and creating meaningful experiences for diverse audiences worldwide!

Podcast S2 EP16 Emily Scahill

S2 EP16: FT. Emily Scahill

This week, our star guest is Emily Scahill, Head of Client Success and HR wizard at Skillsearch. She is their go-to guru for recruitment across the games and interactive industries. On the geeky side, Emily is a founding member of the Skillsearch Dungeons and Dragons Society and, more recently, joined other brainiacs on the company’s quiz team.

Podcast S2 EP13 Accessibility in Video Games

S2 EP13 – Accessibility in Video Games

Join our hosts as they explore the world of accessibility in gaming, where inclusivity meets innovation. Let’s discuss the game-changing features that empower players with disabilities, from remappable keys for enhanced mobility to color-blind options and adaptive controllers!

S2 EP12 Estelle Bailly

S2 EP12 – Ft. Estelle Bailly

Estelle Bailly, a Localization Director at Hi-Rez Studios, shares her journey in the video game industry. Don’t miss her insights into the imposter phenomenon, the future of technology, and more!


S2 EP6 – Ft. María Eugenia Larreina

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the present and future of video game accessibility as well as some best practices for addressing challenges and making digital content accessible to users with disabilities.

Diversity and Inclusion in Video Games

S2 EP3 – Diversity and Inclusion in Video Games

In this episode, our hosts discuss the most recent initiatives to foster inclusion in video games. But what does inclusion actually mean in this environment? Is it just about adding non-binary characters, or do companies need to take a stance?

Hugo Miranda

S1 EP11 – Ft. Hugo Miranda

Speaking strange languages and living in foreign lands was the dream for Hugo Miranda, after living in his small home country of Costa Rica. After living abroad in both the US and Taiwan, Hugo’s passion for linguistics and bilingualism grew, leading him to work in the video game localization industry, giving him opportunities to share his passion for language with future generations.

Ivan Lopes

S1 EP 8 – Ft. Ivan Lopes

Working on a game with tons of content like Disco Elysium requires solid reference materials and systems in place to ensure consistency throughout the localization process. For Ivan Lopes, having passionate fans and methods to get direct player feedback is also vital in a big video game localization project. In this episode of Open World, our guest shares his experience working on the localization of Disco Elysium in Brazilian Portuguese and how his background prepared him for this challenge.