S2 EP6 – Ft. María Eugenia Larreina

In today’s episode, we’ll discuss the present and future of video game accessibility as well as some best practices for addressing challenges and making digital content accessible to users with disabilities.


S2EP5 – Fantasy Languages

Watch the episode on YouTube Episode Transcription MELISA: Hello, everyone! And welcome to another episode of Open World. I’m Melisa, I’m here with Lara and


S2EP4 – Ft. Santiago de Miguel

This week, Santiago de Miguel, Gaming Solution Engineer at memoQ, visits us to discuss all about Translation Management Systems in video game localization. Our guests also discuss the most important skills localizers should have, the future of localization and more!

Diversity and Inclusion in Video Games

S2 EP3 – Diversity and Inclusion in Video Games

In this episode, our hosts discuss the most recent initiatives to foster inclusion in video games. But what does inclusion actually mean in this environment? Is it just about adding non-binary characters, or do companies need to take a stance?

Tamara Tirják

S2 EP2 – Ft. Tamara Tirják

This week, Tamara Tirják visited us from Cambridge. She is Head of Localization from Frontier Developments and will be present at Game Quality Forum at the end of June! Our hosts explore strategies for a healthy work environment while geeking out over Planet Zoo!

Renee Gittins

S1 EP17 – Ft. Renee Gittins

Alex and Flor chat with Renee Gittins in this episode, the Executive Director of the International Game Developers Association. She shares insights on the design and process of creating her new game, Potions: A Curious Tale. Learn about video game design, where game development meets localization and inclusivity in the video game industry.

Cristina Hernández

S1 EP16 – Ft. Cristina Hernández

The localization process of a video game is huge — and involves many different teams, tons of research, and technology. Learn the ins and outs of the localization process from this episode’s guest, Cristina Hernández. She’s worked on the localization of AAA games such as God of War and Detroit: Become Human.

Sebastian Erasmy

S1 EP15 – Ft. Sebastian Erasmy

The localization specialist is the last bastion of defense between a game and the players. Get the inside scoop from Sebastian Erasmy on what it’s like working in game localization at Ubisoft.